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Continuing medical education never stops for doctors. There is always more to learn. New techniques to consider. New paths to wellness.

Too often, however, even the best and brightest doctors lack financial education. It’s not their fault. Medical schools do not offer classes on money and how to run a business. So, even though many doctors make a fine annual income, the revenue is not invested properly.

I intend to change that by launching my speaking tour. Do you oversee young doctors who are eager to enter professional life? Would it help if I visited for presentation that will help the next generation of physicians secure a financial future while also assisting patients with temporary or chronic ailments?

This Emrerus video will tell you about my medical background.

What it does not include is my expertise as a real estate investor and founder of an asset management firm.

My goal with my brother Tim, the former chief operating officer for Great Wolf Resorts, is to educate medical and other professionals about developing passive income to expand net worth. We want doctors to be able to love their service to community without worrying about money.

Why the shift from medicine to financial mastery? My health.

No, no. I’m fine. Nothing to worry about now. But in previous years my work as a emergency medicine physician made me wonder if I would make it to retirement. Why crawl to the golden years? Those of us in the medical profession know how draining it can be. I did not want the stressful environment to shorten my life or, day-to-day, steal time I needed with my family.

My new book will be published in early 2017. The story reveals my transition from medicine to real estate, and how I substantially expanded my net worth so that I could enjoy Freedom in the Black well before I reached retirement age.

But I’ll reveal much more than my own story when speaking to your medical group.


I have LIMITED SPEAKING DATES still available in early 2017.  Please contact me now if you are the —

  • Head of a medical institution

  • College educator

  • Leader of an online or local professional group

Do you agree with Tim and me that all health care professionals need a financial education mastery course to withstand the many challenges they will face throughout a fine career?

Then give me a call or send an email.

I want to help you achieve Freedom in the Black so that you live the life you deserve.

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