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Laura Gianorio

VP of Operations

Laura Gianorio holds a dual role as a Managing Director at Napali Capital and the Napali Residential Group. Laura joined us in early 2022 and primarily focused on construction and renovation management along with all project management for the enterprise. Laura then transitioned into the primary operations leader for the Napali Residential Group and leads the management team for our Multi-family assets.

Laura joined Napali Capital after a career in landscape maintenance and construction as a Senior Branch Manager with one of the nation’s leading commercial landscape organizations, BrightView. Laura has large scale experience managing multiple locations in all facets of sales, production and operations. Laura’s experience partnering with property managers while servicing multi-unit residential locations brings a unique perspective to the team. In addition, Laura has extensive experience in hospitality management and Food and Beverage leadership thanks to previous roles. Laura has a passion for staff development and training and has previously acted as a corporate trainer with BrightView.

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