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Dallas, Texas, September 18, 2017 –  Napali Capital, a leading real estate investment company, today announced its partnership with Investor Management Services (IMS), a leader in the investment management software. This partnership allows Napali Capital to increase efficiency and better serve its growing group of investors through streamlined processes and first-hand access to the web-based, all-in-one investment platform offered by IMS.

Napali Capital’s considerable portfolio and investor base growth led to the implementation of the IMS software. The software efficiently and effectively manages information and documentation for investors through a customized, secure dashboard, easily accessible through the Napali Capital website.

“We are excited to be able offer IMS to our investors,” said Napali Capital’s co-founder and Managing Partner, Timothy Black. “Not only does it allow them to have first-hand access to their documentation and tax information, but also it allows us to spend our time executing our business strategy rather than on the minutia of manual documentation.”

“IMS is thrilled to be partnering with Napali Capital,” said IMS Chief Executive Officer Chris Atkinson. “We are committed to being the premier solution for investor and investment management in the real estate community, and working with forward-thinking organizations like Napali Capital will help us continue to push the limits of technology innovation for the betterment of our current and future clients.”

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