Let ‘Turbulence’ Drive Your Multifamily Real Estate Strategy, says the Passive Income Physician

Panic in the streets?  No, nothing like that. But the real estate trend in Germany reported by the Wall Street Journal hit home because it is all about financial security. Or is it? Sure, we want [...]

The Passive Income Physician offers FREE Digital Download @ Amazon and Financial Wellness Plan

Commercial real estate sounds like such a cold, impersonal term.  Yet its benefits ignited a passion in me that exceeded my initial career choice—physician—and profoundly transformed my life and [...]


In his blog post at KevinMD.com physician Neil Baum shares a startling insight about annual income in the medical field. Let’s begin with the premise: The general public believes doctors make far [...]

National Obsession: Buying a Home. National Experiment: Embrace Renting

Your home is not an investment, it is a liability. I’ve said it many times, and my real estate mentors have preached it for years. Still, the national obsession to be a homeowner continues. [...]

Medscape Lifestyle 2017 Reveals Burnout Increase for Emergency Medicine Doctors:  Avoid Career Crisis with Passive Income

The number of physicians experiencing burnout in my specialty is growing. But, gratefully, I am not one of the victims. This is pertinent only because a new 2017 report by Medscape Lifestyle [...]

Education Debt Crushes Future of Emergency Medicine Doctors—Unless They Follow The Basic Laws of Wealth Expansion

Sometimes I wonder if emergency room physicians have unconsciously bought into the same myth that other Americans harbor. Namely, that all doctors are rich. I ponder this possibility because many [...]

3 Real Estate Myths Debunked: They May Harm Your Financial Future!

  YOUR HOME IS NOT AN INVESTMENT. DOES THIS SURPRISE YOU? When a friend told me this story it broke my heart. A family member near retirement was determined to buy a home so that his [...]

Millennials Move Over: The Next Generation is also Strapped with Crushing, Paralyzing Debt: Passive Income is the Cure

When will we wake up as a nation and realize we cannot turn our young people into indentured servants? In our hearts, I know we think we are helping. We provide a “higher” education by allowing [...]

Is Your Money Dying? Emergency Medicine Doctor Cures it with 2017 Passive Income Rehab

If you are lucky to be earning a high annual income but you are unhappy with your returns, here are some tips for making 2017 your Financial Recovery Year! Change your thinking. If you are a [...]

Thomas Black, Financial Expert for Doctors, Announces 2017 Public Speaking Tour

Continuing medical education never stops for doctors. There is always more to learn. New techniques to consider. New paths to wellness. Too often, however, even the best and brightest doctors [...]

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