A Frustrated Physician and Financial Freedom

One question I get a lot: Why did you spend 12 years working toward the goal of becoming a physician only to turn around and begin working to find a way to escape that profession? To understand [...]

Taxes: Pay Less, Keep More

As physicians, we have great earning power—a nice reward for the years of training and sacrifice. Unfortunately, with great income comes a great tax bill. And while, yes, you can write off [...]

Cash Flow Machine: If You Build It …

You cannot save your way to retirement. Hopefully, you already know this, but I recently discovered that many people believe they can do it! They think the money you put away each week, month, or [...]

When Is It Time to Hang Up the White Coat

I’ve always considered it an honor and privilege to call some of the most intelligent and passionate clinicians I know colleagues and consider myself very fortunate to have found a path to [...]

Burnout and Career Dissatisfaction: Everything I Always Dreamed of!

If you had to complete this sentence, how would you do it? I became a doctor because ________. How did you complete the sentence? I’ve heard a range of answers to this question. Some sought the [...]

Who the #$*& Lives There?

Who the #$*& Lives There? Have you ever driven by one of those neighborhoods – you know, the gated ones with houses that could fit a family of 45 each – and wondered, “Who the #$*& lives [...]

Retirement Should Be Retired

Retirement isn’t what it used to be. Literally. The most traditional idea of retirement originated in the late 19th century in Germany to provide pensions for the working class. The idea was that [...]

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