Comparing Size in Real Estate

After last week’s blog about why I prefer multifamily real estate as my investment vehicle,  I received a number of questions. Most of those questions related to the idea that investing in [...]

Why I Like Multifamily for Real Estate Investing

If you want to diversify your portfolio and accelerate your gains, real estate investment is the way to go. There are several categories from which to choose: residential, commercial, industrial, [...]

Physician or Car Dealer?

I am a rich physician. Do I have your attention? Don’t worry, I’m being sarcastic. I am a physician, though certainly not rich. The rich have money work for them, they enjoy their earned money. I [...]

The profession with the highest rate of suicide is … DOCTORS.

Last year, I wrote a blog about physician suicide. It was a personal topic for me, not because I had ever had suicidal tendencies, but because I had felt the exhaustion and desperation that [...]

Dear Dr. Robot: Get to work! (How Artificial Intelligence Weakens Physician’s Job Security)

Have you ever had a deep conversation with a robot? Lately, I’ve considered how my own inter-personal skills might be applied to technology. After all, I am an emergency medicine doctor who now [...]

The Passive Income Physician offers FREE Digital Download @ Amazon and Financial Wellness Plan

Commercial real estate sounds like such a cold, impersonal term.  Yet its benefits ignited a passion in me that exceeded my initial career choice—physician—and profoundly transformed my life and [...]

Life After Suicide Attempt: Gratitude, Forgiveness & Changes for Emergency Medicine Doctors

The doctor didn’t appear depressed, and says he had never been suicidal. Then one night, an emergency medicine physician named Michael “just snapped” and decided to take his own life. My first [...]