A Frustrated Physician and Financial Freedom

One question I get a lot: Why did you spend 12 years working toward the goal of becoming a physician only to turn around and begin working to find a way to escape that profession? To understand [...]

Taxes: Pay Less, Keep More

As physicians, we have great earning power—a nice reward for the years of training and sacrifice. Unfortunately, with great income comes a great tax bill. And while, yes, you can write off [...]

Cash Flow Machine: If You Build It …

You cannot save your way to retirement. Hopefully, you already know this, but I recently discovered that many people believe they can do it! They think the money you put away each week, month, or [...]

The Lost Art of Bedside Manner

With the evolution of medicine and the overwhelming pressure for physicians to increase their speed, time, and profits, the patient seems to have become an afterthought for those making these [...]

Multifamily: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Two weeks ago, I shared why multifamily was my real estate investment vehicle of choice. Last week, following discussions with readers and colleagues, I aimed to quell fears about the actual [...]

Comparing Size in Real Estate

After last week’s blog about why I prefer multifamily real estate as my investment vehicle,  I received a number of questions. Most of those questions related to the idea that investing in [...]

Why I Like Multifamily for Real Estate Investing

If you want to diversify your portfolio and accelerate your gains, real estate investment is the way to go. There are several categories from which to choose: residential, commercial, industrial, [...]

Physician or Car Dealer?

I am a rich physician. Do I have your attention? Don’t worry, I’m being sarcastic. I am a physician, though certainly not rich. The rich have money work for them, they enjoy their earned money. I [...]

The profession with the highest rate of suicide is … DOCTORS.

Last year, I wrote a blog about physician suicide. It was a personal topic for me, not because I had ever had suicidal tendencies, but because I had felt the exhaustion and desperation that [...]

When Is It Time to Hang Up the White Coat

I’ve always considered it an honor and privilege to call some of the most intelligent and passionate clinicians I know colleagues and consider myself very fortunate to have found a path to [...]