Dear Dr. Robot: Get to work! (How Artificial Intelligence Weakens Physician’s Job Security)

Have you ever had a deep conversation with a robot? Lately, I’ve considered how my own inter-personal skills might be applied to technology. After all, I am an emergency medicine doctor who now [...]

The New Economy: Shorting the U.S. Dollar by Borrowing Funds for Passive Income Investments

Betting against the United States Dollar may seem counter-intuitive and even un-patriotic. Yet after analyzing the numbers and witnessing the ever-widening discrepancies between the Haves and [...]

Let ‘Turbulence’ Drive Your Multifamily Real Estate Strategy, says the Passive Income Physician

Panic in the streets?  No, nothing like that. But the real estate trend in Germany reported by the Wall Street Journal hit home because it is all about financial security. Or is it? Sure, we want [...]

The Passive Income Physician offers FREE Digital Download @ Amazon and Financial Wellness Plan

Commercial real estate sounds like such a cold, impersonal term.  Yet its benefits ignited a passion in me that exceeded my initial career choice—physician—and profoundly transformed my life and [...]

Life After Suicide Attempt: Gratitude, Forgiveness & Changes for Emergency Medicine Doctors

The doctor didn’t appear depressed, and says he had never been suicidal. Then one night, an emergency medicine physician named Michael “just snapped” and decided to take his own life. My first [...]

National Obsession: Buying a Home. National Experiment: Embrace Renting

Your home is not an investment, it is a liability. I’ve said it many times, and my real estate mentors have preached it for years. Still, the national obsession to be a homeowner continues. [...]

Medscape Lifestyle 2017 Reveals Burnout Increase for Emergency Medicine Doctors:  Avoid Career Crisis with Passive Income

The number of physicians experiencing burnout in my specialty is growing. But, gratefully, I am not one of the victims. This is pertinent only because a new 2017 report by Medscape Lifestyle [...]

Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Doctors: Did Hall of Fame Songwriter Willie Nelson Get It Wrong?

Who can resist a good song by a great songwriter like Willie Nelson? He has a way with words and melodies that make us want to keep singing his best stuff. Sadly, one of his iconic songs might [...]

The American Dream is Broken. Multifamily and Passive Income Can Fix it for Doctors and other Professionals

It is hard to break a habit. Coffee drinkers can’t kick caffeine, and junk food lovers can’t lose weight. (I’m an emergency medicine physician.  I know.) But there is a bigger, far more profound [...]

Former Dentist and Biologist are Inductees to the Freedom in the Black Passive Income Hall of Fame

Peter Wells, a former dentist, was weary of drilling teeth. In search of a new way of life, he made a big change by moving to Denver where he earned a commercial broker’s real estate license. [...]

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