Episode 2: Financial Freedom ER – Cash Flow is King

In Episode 2 of Financial Freedom ER, Tom and Tim discuss the journey that led Tom to begin investing in real estate and become the Passive Income Physician and why cash flow is so important. [...]

The profession with the highest rate of suicide is … DOCTORS.

Last year, I wrote a blog about physician suicide. It was a personal topic for me, not because I had ever had suicidal tendencies, but because I had felt the exhaustion and desperation that [...]

Episode 1: Financial Freedom ER – The Value of Depreciation

In Episode 1 of Financial Freedom ER, Tom and Tim launch this series with some background on their professional careers, their launch into real estate, and how depreciation is one of the greatest [...]

When Is It Time to Hang Up the White Coat

I’ve always considered it an honor and privilege to call some of the most intelligent and passionate clinicians I know colleagues and consider myself very fortunate to have found a path to [...]