National Obsession: Buying a Home. National Experiment: Embrace Renting

Your home is not an investment, it is a liability. I’ve said it many times, and my real estate mentors have preached it for years. Still, the national obsession to be a homeowner continues. [...]

Medscape Lifestyle 2017 Reveals Burnout Increase for Emergency Medicine Doctors:  Avoid Career Crisis with Passive Income

The number of physicians experiencing burnout in my specialty is growing. But, gratefully, I am not one of the victims. This is pertinent only because a new 2017 report by Medscape Lifestyle [...]

Education Debt Crushes Future of Emergency Medicine Doctors—Unless They Follow The Basic Laws of Wealth Expansion

Sometimes I wonder if emergency room physicians have unconsciously bought into the same myth that other Americans harbor. Namely, that all doctors are rich. I ponder this possibility because many [...]

Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Doctors: Did Hall of Fame Songwriter Willie Nelson Get It Wrong?

Who can resist a good song by a great songwriter like Willie Nelson? He has a way with words and melodies that make us want to keep singing his best stuff. Sadly, one of his iconic songs might [...]