The American Dream is Broken. Multifamily and Passive Income Can Fix it for Doctors and other Professionals

It is hard to break a habit. Coffee drinkers can’t kick caffeine, and junk food lovers can’t lose weight. (I’m an emergency medicine physician.  I know.) But there is a bigger, far more profound [...]

Former Dentist and Biologist are Inductees to the Freedom in the Black Passive Income Hall of Fame

Peter Wells, a former dentist, was weary of drilling teeth. In search of a new way of life, he made a big change by moving to Denver where he earned a commercial broker’s real estate license. [...]

3 Real Estate Myths Debunked: They May Harm Your Financial Future!

  YOUR HOME IS NOT AN INVESTMENT. DOES THIS SURPRISE YOU? When a friend told me this story it broke my heart. A family member near retirement was determined to buy a home so that his [...]

Millennials Move Over: The Next Generation is also Strapped with Crushing, Paralyzing Debt: Passive Income is the Cure

When will we wake up as a nation and realize we cannot turn our young people into indentured servants? In our hearts, I know we think we are helping. We provide a “higher” education by allowing [...]