Episode 4: Financial Freedom ER – The “A” Class Orthopedist

In Episode 4 of Financial Freedom ER, Tom and Tim are joined by Dr. Tom Burns, principal and co-founder of Presario Ventures and practicing orthopedist. Tom (Burns) shares his fascinating story [...]

Episode 3: Financial Freedom ER – Let’s Get Fiscal

In Episode 3 of Financial Freedom ER, Tom and Tim welcome Mike Pine, CPA, founder and managing member of Pine & Company CPAs, whose financial and tax planning knowledge paired with his [...]

Episode 2: Financial Freedom ER – Cash Flow is King

In Episode 2 of Financial Freedom ER, Tom and Tim discuss the journey that led Tom to begin investing in real estate and become the Passive Income Physician and why cash flow is so important. [...]



Episode 1: Financial Freedom ER – The Value of Depreciation

In Episode 1 of Financial Freedom ER, Tom and Tim launch this series with some background on their professional careers, their launch into real estate, and how depreciation is one of the greatest [...]

Napali Capital adds fourth Georgia asset to portfolio

NAPALI CAPITAL ADDS FOURTH GEORGIA ASSET TO PORTFOLIO Napali Capital plans to rebrand, enhance Brandywine at Lafayette Apartments in Fayetteville Southlake, Texas, March 1, 2018 — Napali Capital, [...]

Napali Contacts

Thomas Black of Napali Capital accepted into Forbes real estate council

THOMAS BLACK OF NAPALI CAPITAL ACCEPTED INTO FORBES REAL ESTATE COUNCIL Forbes Real Estate Council Is an Invitation-Only Community for Executives in the Real Estate Industry Southlake, Texas, [...]

Tom and Tim on Before the Millions

Tom and Tim break down market outlooks, best investment areas and work life balance with Daray Oleleye of Before the Millions. View the podcast